Story about the anchor


If my sources are correct, this anchor once belonged to a great ship called Rex. It was built in Italy in the year 1931 and was the only italian ship that has ever won the blue ribbon.

During world war 2, the ship got sank just off shore of Piran, a small sea-side town in Slovenia and the remains of the ship are still there and can in fact be visible with a naked eye when the tide is low.

The anchor however, got transported back to Ljubljana and stands as a monument of the annexation of the Primorska to Slovenia.

Where it remains to this day.


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  1. Uros

    About the sinking thingy… it wasn’t near Piran, but between cities of Izola and Koper, but closer to Izola, ironicaly, just by the shipyard in Izola. Infact, there is a part of shore named after this boat and there’s also a museum about it in Izola.

    Just my 2c.


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