This post will not begin with the words “Where to being…

If you followed my nifty map, you already know everything that has happened in the past 24-or-so hours so instead of just doing the two cents report on the matter that is called a day in my life, you`ll get some of the background information that you could not possibly get by looking at that doodling of mine.

First, the lecture. Which went pretty good indeed, the people were interested in the matter, asked sensible questions and after the lecture, a guy approached me and told me that he is the owner of a, get this, porno website and would like to make it number one in slovenia. And he was wondering if I could give him some useful advice on the matter of how to organise it and arrange the data. I told him that not in a million years and that my soul is pure and that my intentions are good and oh lord please don`t let me be misunderstood he should email me and we`ll talk. In a way, it could be interesting. No URL yet, waiting for his mail. And I managed to keep it just under two hours, giving me time to move to Metelkova.

I don`t know why, but it was reasonably ok. These artsy-awards-hand-offs are usually full of blah blah blah and nobody says anything good. Almost like the Oscars. But since we won one out of five awards (nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah), I think we can bear with that fact. And feel pride in the fact that after 10 years, they “recognized the phenomenon“. Took them long enough. And a little rant – is it just me, or did Ljudmila get the award in the exact year that they decided they did not have enough money to make a prize anything more than “just” a plaque? Ah well, it`ll look great in our aquarium. The award “Zlata ptica” (golden bird) is given annualy to people who make extraordinary achievements in the area of culture and arts. They appoint a commitee which then votes on the nominees. Basically, Ljudmila got an award that was also handed out to Irena Grafenauer, Laibach, Demolition group, Ervin Hladnik Milharčič and others. For a full list of everybody who received this award from the year 1975, go here.
There were tons of “celebrities” there, from actors to politicians, to artists… It was reasonably OK and it did not take too long.
That`s that.

The last part of the evening was also superb (as always). It seems that Baya and I have little-to-none quality decreases concering the time we spend together. WEIRD!!! 😀 And my bike is still at her place…hm… 😉

HM! also happens to be the word of the day. One of those “you had to be there” moments. On second thought…no, you did not. Thank blog you weren`t. 😉

On another more ranty matter, these and these guys are a bunch of incompetent morons. I should post this under…hold on.

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