These and these guys are a bunch of incompetent morons.

Why do you ask?

The first ones are a bunch of idiots because I sent a broken USB key to them almost a month ago and they said that it`ll take two weeks tops to get it either fixed (fat chance) or replaced. Almost a month has passed now and still no word. I called them, they took my contact (WTF? I gave all the phone numbers and addresses to them when I brought the broken key in) and said they`ll call me. Wanna bet?

These guys are just lazy I guess. I cannot imagine what is it taking so long for them to answer a simple email with a simple question. And if they are too incompetent to do that, what the **** are doing in the IT business anyways?

And on a more unrelated yet ranty matter, see this review. Deep inside I sort of knew it. That they will butcher a classic and now that the author is dead, they are going to (or they actually already did) butcher the text and turn it into another episode of this. Or god forbid this. But hey, who said life is fair?

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