No, not gonna draw a picture. Don`t want to overstress my readers. One hideous picture a day is more than enough. I feel a very strong inclination of doing a post similar to those of BeeBee, where she informs her faithful readers about her boils, close-to-bleeding breasts and other anomalies in her life.

I guess sugar is not for eating. Especially brow sugar in cubes. After that photo was taken, all of the models posing for that photo died a horrible death. Which reminds me…there is a photo out there, a photo taken during the spanish civil war which happened just shortly before the first world war, in which a photographer was taking photo of four soldiers. And at the exact same moment as the photographer said “Cheese!” and clicked, a sniper shot one of those soldiers in the back of the head. So in the photo, you can see the bullet coming out of it. It is said to be one of the best war-journalism photography ever made. I dare you to find it.

I`ve also been trying to install another wordpress blog to our “famous” bikers webpage but was unsucessful. Which means that the next step towards reconfiguring that page will be taken on monday. And I am not amused by that fact.

I also reorganized my blogroll, added two avid slovene bloggers in hope that they won`t stop to amaze me with the wonders of the world of advertising and computers. I aslo tweaked it a little, adding the language in which the bloggers post the most. Let me know if you find this feature useful, pointless or just plain stoopid.

Translation of the CC laws is coming along nicely, although I did not touch it today. I don`t know why but the events of yesterday sucked an enormous amount of energy out of me. And I think that this friday was meant for rest.

Which of course I failed to do and right now I am battling with tiredness. The eternal battle of good and evil. Thinking whether to go to bed or blog some more 😀

I think I`ll do the former. And for good night, I leave you with this…something I found while spell-checking the words anomalies. Under “images“.

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