Dear diary!

(naah, not that crazy yet…)

You wake up and you realise that you should not do that. Not today. Not on saturday. But since the damage has been done, you try to think of what to do next. You clean. First yourself, then your room. Then the bathroom. Then your study. You take out the garbage. You try to do “something” with that bikers page (so far, I managed to redo the logo, you can see the result here. Pretty nifty, ey?). You get an email from their sys admin (I take my previous rant back, they`re cool), confirming your spectulations and promising he`ll look into it first thing monday morning. You delete your spam (this morning I got three of them, one from PureGreen Foods Organic Wheat Grass, one from cheaper generic Viagra and one from long-term insurance. Which makes sense. You need to have energy to use viagra but at the same time be insured, in case something falls off. Saved!) And speaking of spam, people started to write poems out of it. Check it out!

You read the newspapers, on-line editions. You see that nothing new is going on. The world is at it was yesterday. You see this article. You are amazed at the idea. In a negative sense. For fuck sakes…don`t these people have anything better to do? Is art really something that hasn`t got any applicable value? (For auslanders, this article is about an artist, who is perceiving a mobile phone as the ultimate intimate interface). Or is art just something you do when you are too lazy/stupid to make something out of your life? What`s your point of view?

You notice that the “slovene porno scandal” is still hot and running and you wonder just how long will it take for it to cool off. Terri Schiavo, anyone?

New day has begun.

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