We have it too. And since everybody is bitching about it, here`s my two cents.

Voyeurism is growing strong in this era of ours. More and more people don`t want to participate, but watch. They want the whole world to be one big theater, in which they serve non-stop, round the clock action, drama, comedy, tragedy and romance. Everything is there and you can reach it by a simple click of a button.

Stephen King`s Running man predicted such a future. Where people watch as selected fews are paid to do a job. Which can eventually kill them.

Two more films come to mind, one focused on the creators and one on the participants of such shows.

The “Dating game” and the “Bachelorette/Bachelor” are the two most viewed shows in the recent past. Out of last two, the Bachelorette outran the Bachelor by a mile. Better ratings. It seems that women are more inclined to be voyeuristic by nature than men. And maybe they dream about being HER. Having 26 men at her disposal. Choosing. Deciding. Being in control.

Personally I am amazed at the critics. How SHE has no dream-like qualities. How SHE is a retared cow. How SHE has no manners. And so on and so forth. Did people really expect to see a super-woman? One who is like an Elf from Lord of the Rings? And what is it with men? The whole concept of the show is wrong. This is not how you start a relationship. This is how you fuck it up. You stage a competition. You make them slaughter each other only so that in the end you can point a finger at the last man standing and say “Vien“.

Why do people watch this? Go ask them. I met a couple of them who said “I don`t like it. I watch it, but I don`t like it.” Where`s the point in that? Are we really that weak, does TV really posses such great power over us that we are unable to look away? To hear our brain go “This is fucking stupid! Look at that cow!” and switch the television off? Are we really so bored and dissatisfied with our lives that we have to get our fix off a television screen?

Some people are wondering “God, how could they participate in this kind of show?” and are missing the real question “How can you watch this?

You know what would be cool? If the last guy, after all the battling would be over and she would say “Come here!” would go “Go fuck yourself” and left. Leaving her with her stupid smile, her dumb remarks and her lousy behaviour standing in the wind. I`d watch that. But as it is, and these boot-licking morons, these waiters, insurance agents, instructors, construction workers, students of economics and engineers are asking “How high?” when she says “Jump!“, I think I`ll rather live my life than catching random glimpses of theirs.
I rest my case.

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