I guess it can happen too. That eventhough nothing really happens in this movie, you are having fun.

Sleeping almost till ten really puts a new perspective on the world. And actually going out of the house to get some fresh air (on foot, mind you) is also nice. If not for anything else, to get some cool photos taken. Plus, my battery knows exactly when to die on me. No irony. It died three seconds after my last photo for the day was taken. Yay.

It`s always funny how the sunday looks like a day when you are suppose to hybernate. Nothing big ever happens on sunday. It`s like the whole universe goes “Whoa! Sunday! Let`s delay this avalanche till tomorrow, m`kay?

And yet, with all said and done, it`s eight o`clock and the new week is just a few hours away. Which surprisingly feels good. I noticed that recently I am looking forward to it. Mondays. Tuesdays. Wednesdays. Thursdays. Fridays. Saturdays. Sundays. And then all over again!

The song of the day is “All the pretty little horsies” by Calexico. It`s a cover song from Current 93. The Calexico version is better. IMO.

The assholes of the week are these guys. They named bugs after George, Dick and Donald. Hm. Would you like a bug named after you?

Oh and we should all thank Kevin from the Kevin&Britney duet. Why? For knocking that girl up. She`ll most probably withdraw from the music scene. Maybe permanently. Kids are a lot of work. Although, the thought of britney`s kid going after momma in its choice of professional career is not a pleasant thought. The evil just got its offspring. *drama music*

The last two minutes of fame will ran out tomorrow. Mladina newspaper is publishing an article (which we wrote BTW – the part about Ljudmila of course) about this-year winners. Picture included. No names. Face is enough. Will post a scan. And the last thing you`ll read about this award on this blog. Go google for “zlata ptica”. Go on. Note the first hit. Nice, huh?:)

Smile: ON.

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