Hm, it seems that I am changing my blogging pattern. Either that or yesterday was one heck of a day. Heck in the sense that there was actually some work to be done and I have to finish it today. Giving my readers a breather from the always-oh-so-fun world of…well…me.

If there`s one thing I don`t get is lawyer language. Or the speak of the lawyers. It looks like we are from an entirely different tribe as they. Tell a lawyer you wanna hear him say “I love you” and you`ll end up listening to him for twenty minutes, in which time you`ll inadvertably fell asleep and dream of fluffy things. During which time he`ll go on and on about how the rights in this article do not cover the rights in article 2-e and 2-f if not explicitly given by the author of th original work.

Note that this is not a rant.

I`ve also managed to get the bikers page up and running. Although some tweaking was involved due to the fact that the server the page is running on IIS and WordPress is a friend of the penguin, the end-result was pretty ok. There`s the thing with the formatting your hard drive every time you click “Archives” but that`s not a problem. People don`t click “Archives” that much anyway. I mean seriously…when was the last time you accessed an “Archive”? BTW, if anyone is experiencing similar problems, here`s the page. And it`s not perfect, but it works. Functionality wins. For now.

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