Our prime minister is a cry-baby. Send him a toy to cuddle. I`m sure he`ll feel much better. And I think this is his theme song. In fact, it should be our new national anthem.

He spent way too much time in the opposition. And now all he knows to do is bitch and moan and complain. And do nothing about it. He`s acting like a goddamn teenager!

And what`s with the same people being in position ( even opposition is a position) for ten years plus? Lance Armstrong retired and he was way better than these guys. Politics is the only field of business where votes are not behaving rationaly Where you have a bunch of people, blinded by passion and other emotions, trying to participate in a rational process.

But on the other hand, the voting process is a great index of what kind of people do we have here. Just how good and smart and intelectual this country really is. And just how much stupid commercials for singing fish, singing christmas wreath and (hm…why does everything have to sing?)…wait a minute! I haven an idea. I`ll make the first ever singing shower! Think of what you got here. Most people hate singing under a shower because they suck almost as much as our JJ leading this great country of ours. With the singing shower, they could just stick their favourite cd in (in the cd player, although we can be flexible) and let the good times roll.

Hm…where was I? Oh, yeah…cry babies.

I think we have it in our genes. Supporting the losers. Feeling sorry for them. “Oh, let them play a little now!”. Come to think of it, we`re extremely mazohistic. I mean…how many other nations do you know who let others play on THEM? With whips and spikes preferably? I mean seriously, the biggest success in Slovenia as a politician would be this guy. Chicken. Whatever. Seriously, people want Calimero to be the next president.

And what is with this?
Are we going to have a sexual revolution? Almost thirty years too late? Take off your clothes! Go commando! Pretty soon, everybody will start doing it. Why? Cause it`s the new trend! The new hype! Butts are in! Are people so desperately seeking attention that there`s no other way to do it? I mean for fucks sake. Get a frigging life or something! And what`s wrong with the media? Why do they keep pushing these things in front of the line? Pretty soon we`ll have a daily “nudie of the day” on the news. People will go “I wanna take off my clothes too!” and pretty soon everybody will walk around nude. And then someone will go “Now what?

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