…happens to be a brilliant jazz piece written and performed by this man. And his merry trio.

I don`t know why but this rain is bugging me. You wake up, look outside and all you see are the drops falling into puddles, previously made by other drops. You look up and there`s this grey matter we usually call the sky. Only now I am officially renaming it into the crap over our heads.

Naturally your energy levels plummet, and you find it hard to get out of bed. And dress. And then think of a really good reason to go out into the jungle of water, walking the usual distance while Calexico are singing about bees and flies.

As you walk, you observe the world, the scarce pedestrians and a river of metal, flowing into the city. You see faces behind the foggy windshields, all grey and misty. Ghosts coming to life.

Plan for today is pretty much the same as the plan that I used yesterday with one significant exception. I am going to ride a train! But first, it`s CC + bike site time. Which is ok, since the progress is visible and today is (hopefully) the last day of the job. And then the world will be blessed with a new and completely new (you can never say new too many times) slovene translation of the CC licence, the CC frequently asked questions and! the CC legal code. How cool is that? Right?

Picture of the day? This one takes the cake.

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