Maybe next time I`ll remember to pack all of my stuff. Including my ridiculous biking outfit. Although jeans passed the test.


Trains are awesome. I am starting to love them. And not just cause of the current destination (see below)

but also cause of the whole “experience”. And without sounding too much like a PR person trying to sell you a pack of knives and a folding table for a dog, let me just say that I guess it has something to do with the “we break for no one ” policy (which was enforced by the spaceball 1 spaceship in the movie called Spaceballs). Plus you (almost) always get a seat and you get to spy on other passengers (that last thing is more of a perk). They don`t stink as bad as the buses (at least the new trains…the old ones are probably just as bad), they don`t include people boaring on at the exit doors, they don`t include stupid people hoarding the door five stops before they get off (wtf is with that?) and the biggest plus of all…no annoying, iq-dropping music. Which includes DJ saying non-sense like this (slovene only).

I also got a postcard from a land far far away, called Turnowo. It`s across the sea, over the mountain and under a bridge (the land, not the card). And I`ll be damned if it`s not a train-related postcard too. Thanks BeeBee!

But the day is far from over! So until I get back, enjoy some of the impressions from my train ride.