…was the phrase most oftenly uttered when we went to play some pool. Usually after one of us hit an impossible shot or missed an impossible-to-miss shot. “Physics do not apply here” should be the official T-shirt logo. Which is just as good, seeing half of the game is trying to imagine what you or your partner (seeing how we putted each other balls in too, acting very comrade-like) will hit. Or bimiss for that matter. No photos are available as the whole thing was strictly private (and some of the shots we missed were really…well…let me just say that a blind alzheimer patient would hit some of the shots we missed).

I am sorry but the interview with the spanking aunt (see here for reference) will be done tomorrow as the plane from Russia was delayed and she refused to give any comment (she did spank my ass so we know we got the right man. Woman. Whatever.) and she said she`ll meet me tomorrow. So all of you spanking-aunt fans, hold on to your…erm…whatever it is that you hold on to and you`ll be amazed tomorrow. And I am glad to report that we already have our next guest lined up. it`s no other than himself, the one and only, doctor octocock! Two people from the UK have been looking for him and we`ll have him on our show. Incidently, now would be the perfect time to announce a new sub-page opening here, on the L Files, called “Pussy movies titles“. It`s basically the same as “cock-y movie titles”, with only a slight difference. Guess. Enjoy. Good night.

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