A: I am glad to host a very prominent guest, a lady who after many years of covert work has agreed to come out and explain just what exactly is that she does. All the way from Ohmsk, she flew in to give this interview, please say a warm welcome to…the Spanking aunt!
B: I am delighted to be here, on your show and let me just say *spank*spank*
A: Ouch! You really get right to the point, huh?
B: Well, you see, in my line of work, words are usually just a way of expressing how good the spanking was. I am not much of a talker, but I sure know how to *spank*spank*
A: So how did you get into the spanking business?
B: Well, you see, it all has to do with me being unable to sing the second stanza of the Schnappi song. My friends and family were appalled and so they`ve decided to send me off to spanking school.
A:There`s a school for that?
B: Of course. You don`t think we do this without any special trainning, do you?
A: Well, I just assumed that…
B: The first lesson is that when assuming, you make an ASS out of U and ME. And I don`t like to be an ass. I like to spank them.
A: So after you finished your schooling…
B: Well, you have to pass an exam of course and then you get an official title Spanking aunt. Not many men enroll in the class and most of them drop out after the second year so in the end, there`s ten aunts and only one uncle per class.
For me, the world fame came when I was selected to do an opening number for Rok Kosmač. That photo was taken just moments after my performance and you can still see the content expression on his face. Sadly, the number was canceled due to the fact that Rok felt I was blocking his creative mind and so I never did perform it in public. but it was a great experience and it opened many doors for me. Profesionally speaking, of course.
A: Interesting. Did you spank any other so-called celebrities?
B: I sure did. After Rok, there was Sebastjan (the poor guy still does not know what hit him, Pika Božič (who then spent the entire afternoon thinking about it in that exact same pose), Mario Galunič (the guy wanted more and I gave him two full treatments!) and many many others.
A: So what are your plans for the future? What is the paramount in the world of spanking aunts?
B: Well, I would like to spank on my own of course, right now I am working through a spanking agency and they are nice and everything but spanking on your own feels so much better. I`d also like to expand my business in America, their fat asses should present quite a challenge and I would like to be in a Rammstein video.
A: Well, I hope you make it. That`s all folks and join us next time with our beloved doctor octocock!

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