Absolutely nothing!

It seems that this government of ours loves to drag old bones out of the ground and then loves deciding where and how to bury them again. Maybe it`ll become a past-time, digging up bones and tossing them around every four years. You see, we are the only country in the world (or a member of a very small group of countries in the world) which does not know how to deal with the past. More specifically with the second world war remains.

In every war you have winners and losers. As time passes, stories blend into histories and the line between the truth and propaganda becomes very thin until finally it loses the objective part completely and becomes a fairy tale passed down from parents to children. Once that happens, it`s over. You cannot do anything about it and even if you discover some documents that prove the story wrong, nobody is going to believe you.

Losers usually get shot after the war. French did it. Spain did it. Russia over-did it. What did we do? Nothing. We let them be. Right now, the main party in our government is ran by people whose parents and grandparents were collaborating with the germans and italians in WW2. And of course, they want their daddies and grand-daddies to be recognized and maybe even celebrated in the same way as the partisans were.

Personally I do not care. Although my grand parents were fighting and some of them died I just hate the way they are dragging it all back out of the closets and making a political issue out of it. And considering the demographic situation in Slovenia, seeing how the elder people are a dominate group, the actions of the “powers that be” are not so surprising. Giving them what They want. The public. But still the fact remain. The partisans (whoever they were) won. The collaborationists did not. I really don`t get what`s all the fuss about. Instead of convincing the public that the whole country was for the partisans, they are now trying to justify collaboration with the nazis, saying that they were forced to collaborate and that they had no idea. I mean…what the fuck? If they felt so strongly about the whole “we will and did not want to cooperate, there`s always suicide. Or shot-while-trying-to-escape option. Nowhere in the world did the collaborationists get the same praise as “our” guys. Somebody HAS to win the war. You can`t give them all medals after the war is over. This is not fucking “Vesela šola“. There is no second-place prize.

They are withdrawing the veterans support. The second world war, the independece war…they are cutting them all at the knees.
They have too much money. People who fought and got injured in the process of securing our future as an independent country, without having to bow to anyone, are getting too much money. That the collaborationists should get some of the dough too. Erm. Yes. I can see the logic. If nobody would be against them, they would not have to fight. So therefor, they have their enemies to thank for giving them an opportunity to defend and thus earning “obscene” amounts of money. Hmm…yes.

The phenomenon is unique. I don`t know if there is a similar movement active anywhere else (the traitors demanding recognition) in the world. People in this country are seriously messed up. I know they are old and blinded by passions of real politik, but you have to draw the line somewhere and not follow the impulses like some friggin lemming.

And on the other hand, if everyone is behaving like a suicidal rodent, then all we have to do is give them time. And the problem will go away all by itself. Now if we can just find a cliff big enough…

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