It`s only when I am really bored and tired to do anything meaningful that I do this. I open up *drum roll* the shoe box. the box itself was meant to contain a pair of hiking boots, footware that`s gone for several years, used and worn-out cause of the walks. The box itself lived longer and is still serving its purpose. In it, there are artefacts from the past, useless things you don`t want to throw away.

The bigger part of those things are greeting cards from all over the world, from all kinds of people. Mostly the ones who know my address (pretty obivous yes) so here are some of the cards that found their way into my mailbox (and you can see the whole gallery). Also included are the cards I get for Christmas and such, and the ones I get just cause the persons sending it have way too much time on their hands. And they all got my name on them! YAY! …ahem.

Other than that, a very slow day. Damn weather.

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