It`s no fun being at work on saturday. It`s even less entertaining to know that you`ll be at work on sunday too. And the peak of non-entertaining facts is that you feel tired and you just want to lay back and watch Family guy. But apart from the fact that you have to be somewhere else, there is also the annoying absence of the speakers. And headphones just won`t do.

I made an unannounced visit yesterday. And although three people told me that that`s not how it`s done, it went super fine. I guess WE are not like other people. And in my book that`s a good thing.

Unlike some lawyers which will rename nameless who do not know what they want. Or they do. Every five seconds or so. I am taking the whole thing as an exercise in patience. And not taking things personally (eventhough I am involved). There`s no other way to do it. Not gonna freak out, not gonna feel hurt and not gonna give a damn.

The weather is following suit, somewhat of gray skies are moving around, keeping things calm.

Lately it seems that blogs are way better than television. Eventhough the television has moving pictures and sound, blogs are way more unpredictable and life-like. The bad thing is that they are just as spontaneous as life and you cannot make a timetable for reading them. Which is just as good as the element of surprise is always a factor.

Another funny thing happened yesterday on my way to Baya. I find it funny how people on bikes get aggresive and nervous when they sense someone is on their tail. And how funny the whole situation gets when they try to outrun you but after a few 100 meters realise that they`ve miscalculated. And you sail past them, not even breaking your own stride. Some people just don`t get the art of cycling.

And to end this highly-meaningless post in which you found nothing new or interesting, go see this clip about selling cookies. At least she`s funny. Found through While trying to find the correct spelling of the word babel.

Oh, and I found this lovely RSS Feedreader. And Jure, I have it set on “show full text” in WordPress. I don`t know what else can I do.

And go do the poll. I`ll be really happy if u did so.

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