This is just so I can answer Jure`s question about where do I see my photos (and my poetry, essays and other stuff for that matter) in the context of art. I never thought any of my works falls into the ART category. I never thought or do think for that matter of myself as an artist. Everything I produce in terms of photos, essays etc. is something that has to come out of me. Personally, I don`t care if nobody looks at them, nobody reads them or nobody recites them. I just want certain things out of me. And I use different mediums to do so. I never look back. I never look at my photos after the first impression (unless when selecting them for some contest or such), I never re-read my poems (which explains for the fair share of spelling and grammar errors) and I never re-read my novels.

I do not consider myself to be an artist or to be even in the art business. My way is the way of functionality and if the matters of a heart and soul require a somewhat artistic expression, then so be it. I do not care for labels.

I have spoken.

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