boš moja punčka spet,
za naju ves bo svet,
kot češnjev cvet.

na klopco greš sedet
in z mano zvezde štet
in srčece si gret,
ko boš prišla na Bled.

tvoj srček zlat
bo delal tika tak,
ko nad vodo bo padal mrak.

ko boš prišla na Bled …

The first thing you do when you set a destination, is to change it immidiately. So instead of going to the sea-side as originally planned, we chose Bled. The second thing you do is you get lost. You find yourself in a totally different place than it was originally planned and you start wondering how the hell did that happen. But it does not bother you, since you are with Baya and the two of us have the biggest orientation potential there is. And for the record, a road sign pointing to Bled is as rare as an albino at the Apollo. Cause we almost crossed the country border and ventured into Austria.

Backtracking a little and then spotting the official sign. And twenty seconds later being (supposedly) tagged by the police radar. The funny thing is, I was driving a brand new car which cannot go (at least for now) faster than 100km/h. Blah. We`ll see. Maybe the carniola cops are as dumb as the people putting up road signs and no evil will come of it.

The drivers are unbelievable. I mean really, what is with people entering the highway at 130km/h and then almost ramming the ones that are already on? There was this one guy (fat, shaved, beer-bottled glasses) that almost slammed into me because I did not change lanes for him to enter the highway. Who taught these morons to drive full speed and then just push people off the road in order to get on? Does not anybody (and I know this might come to some of you as a shock) enter the highway at a LOWER speed? I am going to get me one of those and then start shooting the minute somebody tries to pull a fast one.

Finally reaching our destination, we first (due to our superb skills of orientation) drove around the lake and then finally parked the car on one of the rare park-for-free parking spaces (thank you, Baya). Then we grabbed an icecream and took a walk around the lake (7 km approx). And took photos along the way. Which you can see in the Bled gallery.

We came back to where we started (almost missing the place, cause of the damned horses! – one of those “you had to be there” moments and then drove back home. With Morcheeba CD as a background. Which got tiresome after the sixth time or so. Mental note for the next time – mp3s or multiple cds. Or get where you were going within the CD playtime. Can`t keep a good girl down ey?

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