You wake up and feel her next to you. The air is hot and the light protruding from the shades tells you it`s morning. The light, accompanied by the pesky birds singing their heads off. You turn your head and you can hear her breathing, her face turned away from you, the arch of her neck clearly visible.

You move closer to her, wrap yourself around her and enjoy the moment. Time-stopping.

You think about how everything changed, how everything moved forward and how the future looks bright. Not that I am expecting anything or planning in terms of what will I do and when will I do it, but having her by my side (or having me by her side) made a significant difference.

And the biggest “mystery” of it all is that (and pardon for the cliche phrase) everything seems normal and natural. How nothing else had to be changed, adapted, reconfigured in order to “have” her in my life. How nothing had to give way in order to let her in.

And how life is good.

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