What is the deal with this? Seriously. Does a person really think that JUST cause everybody around him are hearing him using the horn that it`s going to make everything better? That just cause some of the noise it makes, people are going to move and act differently?

The horn seems to me like a total alienation concept. It distances the man from others by the mean of the machine. People are using sound to bitch-slap other people around. And in my opinion, it`s not being very effective. There`s no real contact and horns are just something you learn to ignore. Machines are easier to ignore than people.

The thing is, the effect of the punishment is directly opposite from the application of that same punishment. So basically, horns are not a very efffective tool, since they are being used way too often. Even when it`s absolutely unnecessary to use it.

Many think that if they are going to use it more times, that the effect will increase while in reality, it`s exactly the opposite. Repetition is the only way you get used to something. Shock only works when there`s no way you can expect it. When you expect something, it`s merely…unpleasant.

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