Now, this does not surprise me. No surprise there at all. I guess we all knew it, but were too proud to admit it. Well, I am saying it out loud…The L files are a girlie blog!

According to my poll, 88% of all readers are girls. Or ladies. Women. You know…the other sex? And apparently, there`s only one male reader. Sempre fi!

The ladies come and go several times a day, which is ok, since I post several times a day too. So my audience is keeping up with the speed of posting. Very nice. Have them on a very short leash I guess. And the majority thinks the L files are perfect! Perfect, I tell you, perfect! (insert demonic laughter no.3 with a background thunder-clap). And there`s one who wants more. Hm. Will try to please her.

The misssing parts of the L files is gramar and nekkid bubiz! Aj wud lajk to tenk evribodi hu safred fru maj speling mistejks and ver pejšnt enaf tu anderstend maj point. tenk ju.

And as for nekkid bubiz!, I`ll see what I can do. It won`t go unnoticed.

And the least but not last (actually it is last, but you know the expression), almost everybody reads everything, from top to bottom. That is, all but one who ignores my interviews with celebrities in the “Lejt najt fajls”, previously labeled “That`s just crazy talk”.

As a respond to the pole, the management of (booming voice) “The L files” (/booming voice) has decided to change and adapt itself to the readers, so that the ladies will enjoy this blog even more.

First and the most obvious step is renaming the categories. “The blogger history posts” will be changed into “When I was just a little boy…”. The “Job-related” category will from now on be known as “Coffee and pencils”. The “Lejt najt fajls” will be changed into “Huh?”. The “Me, me, me” category will bare the name “She, she, she“. We`ll turn the “NAP” category into “Enya`s corner“. The “Photoblog” will simply be labeled as “Piccies!“. “Rants” will become “I broke a nail!“. “Slovenija” category will basically remain the same, although now it`ll spell “sLOVEnija“. And finally, the category “Zanč tko slišm” will be canceled, due to the fact that one of my readers is dissatisfied with it.

The banner behind (booming voice) “The L files” (/booming voice) will be removed immidiately and will from now on feature women topics like shopping, (half)naked men and cooking tips. And of course, the blogroll will be stripped and replaced by women blogs only. No more men! No more men!

However, for the one male reader, we`ll provide a special once-a-week feature, in which we will try to satisfy his needs. So that he won`t go away and switch to Moj kotiček or K sm veseu.

I would like to thank everybody who participated in the poll and please come back tomorrow to witness the total and the complete renovation of (booming voice) “The L files” (/booming voice)

that is all.


The booming voice will go too. Replaced by a more melodic and easy-listening version. We are thinking about getting Omar. Or Peter. Or both.

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