According to the Carniola, it`s nice to read about the same relationship from the opposite sides. Although using the word “relationship” and the word “opposite” might not go very well with the general understanding of a relationship. Or the world “opposite” for that matter.

Since the opposite sides of this relationship are both very fond of music and relate certain songs to certain moments, We (Baya and me) are doing a corny thing (please note barf-bags on the sides). Under the category “Hovli and Bovli concept” , we shall be posting a) the name of the song b) the creator c) the album d) the lyrics and finally e) why is this bloody schnappi song so important to us.

The name for the category comes from a distortion of the words Ball and Hole, and relates to a night out when we went to play pool. Sort of a pet name, even more disfigured by the transmission into phonetic Slovene language.

And on our every anniversary, we shall issue a highly illegal Back to the mine compilation cd. Since we have a contract for the next fifty years, that should not be a problem.

And the whole idea was inspired by Troubled Diva and this post.

Let`s roll.

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