Month: April 2005


A: “I don`t mean to pay any more attention to this, I know I am right and if everybody else are behaving like jackasses, it`s their loss” — A: “Mah ja, se ne mislim več s tem ukvarjat. Vem, da imam prav, če so pa ostali kreteni, pa their loss”


1. Serbian (Savić): patronymic from the personal name Sava, from Greek Sabbas (see Savas). 2. Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): habitational name for someone from a place called Savichi in Belarus. Compare Savitsky. | | \/ 1. Greek: from the personal name Sav(v)as, New Testament Greek Sabbas, a derivative of Sabbaton ‘Sabbath’, […]

Doctor Octocock

A: We are honoured by the presence of a true doctor tonight on the “Lejt najt fajls”, a show that keeps on giving, without the annoying commericals and Helena Blagne. His name is well-known through-out the world and I would like to give a warm welcome to the doctor Octocock! […]


You wake up and feel her next to you. The air is hot and the light protruding from the shades tells you it`s morning. The light, accompanied by the pesky birds singing their heads off. You turn your head and you can hear her breathing, her face turned away from […]

“Ko boš prišla na Bled…

boš moja punčka spet, za naju ves bo svet, kot češnjev cvet. na klopco greš sedet in z mano zvezde štet in srčece si gret, ko boš prišla na Bled. tvoj srček zlat bo delal tika tak, ko nad vodo bo padal mrak. ko boš prišla na Bled …” The […]

The function of a horn

What is the deal with this? Seriously. Does a person really think that JUST cause everybody around him are hearing him using the horn that it`s going to make everything better? That just cause some of the noise it makes, people are going to move and act differently? The horn […]