Month: April 2005

Social science

Somehow, it was meant to happen. The scene where we could not deny where we spent the last few years. Where we learned the words that are not of this world, that are not of this culture and that most certainly are not of this land. It`s actually amazing how […]

More on art…

This is just so I can answer Jure`s question about where do I see my photos (and my poetry, essays and other stuff for that matter) in the context of art. I never thought any of my works falls into the ART category. I never thought or do think for […]

Just when you think…

that you`re gonna spend the whole day postless, life comes along and offers a hand. Or should I say a hoove. We debated this just a few days ago. What exactly is art? And how can you tell what art is? Personally, my point of view is that you can […]

As the sleep draws near…

I find myself re-evaluating this day. How it went by without leaving a feeling of completion. Without making me feel that I did anything of any importance. I guess cleaning, taking out the garbage, polishing the bike, finishing the CC translations after the review from the higher authority isn`t all […]

Shoe-boxed cards

It`s only when I am really bored and tired to do anything meaningful that I do this. I open up *drum roll* the shoe box. the box itself was meant to contain a pair of hiking boots, footware that`s gone for several years, used and worn-out cause of the walks. […]

Sunday jet-lag babbling

It`s no fun being at work on saturday. It`s even less entertaining to know that you`ll be at work on sunday too. And the peak of non-entertaining facts is that you feel tired and you just want to lay back and watch Family guy. But apart from the fact that […]

Click me baby, one more time!

I guess every once in a while you have to stop to clean off the…erm…sorry…wrong line. I guess every once in a while you have to stop and ask the public what it thinks. Seeing my blog as the ultimate PR utility, I am doing a little survey. Just so […]

War! What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing! It seems that this government of ours loves to drag old bones out of the ground and then loves deciding where and how to bury them again. Maybe it`ll become a past-time, digging up bones and tossing them around every four years. You see, we are the only […]