Month: April 2005

The spanking aunt

A: I am glad to host a very prominent guest, a lady who after many years of covert work has agreed to come out and explain just what exactly is that she does. All the way from Ohmsk, she flew in to give this interview, please say a warm welcome […]

What the hell?!

…was the phrase most oftenly uttered when we went to play some pool. Usually after one of us hit an impossible shot or missed an impossible-to-miss shot. “Physics do not apply here” should be the official T-shirt logo. Which is just as good, seeing half of the game is trying […]

No rain, huh? We take the T(rain) then!

No rain, huh? We take the T(rain) then!

Maybe next time I`ll remember to pack all of my stuff. Including my ridiculous biking outfit. Although jeans passed the test. Ahem. Trains are awesome. I am starting to love them. And not just cause of the current destination (see below) but also cause of the whole “experience”. And without […]

“Mission accomplished” by Danny Elfman

is playing in my head right now. CC licences and all the shebang translated. Now let`s wait and see what will the higher authority say. The bikers page launched, just a minor tweak is needed so that it will jump directly without using that ghastly welcome page (need to change […]

When It Rains

When It Rains

…happens to be a brilliant jazz piece written and performed by this man. And his merry trio. I don`t know why but this rain is bugging me. You wake up, look outside and all you see are the drops falling into puddles, previously made by other drops. You look up […]

B: Assistant, report!

A:Yes sir. I mean, here you go sir. *the report is passed from the shaky hands of an assistant into the muscular (I wish) hand of a captain who spins in his seat, glancing through it* B: What`s this? A: What`s what, sir? B: Don`t you smart ass me…this…this CC […]