Month: April 2005

Smack his bitch up!

Our prime minister is a cry-baby. Send him a toy to cuddle. I`m sure he`ll feel much better. And I think this is his theme song. In fact, it should be our new national anthem. He spent way too much time in the opposition. And now all he knows to […]

Is this on?

Hm, it seems that I am changing my blogging pattern. Either that or yesterday was one heck of a day. Heck in the sense that there was actually some work to be done and I have to finish it today. Giving my readers a breather from the always-oh-so-fun world of…well…me. […]


I guess it can happen too. That eventhough nothing really happens in this movie, you are having fun. Sleeping almost till ten really puts a new perspective on the world. And actually going out of the house to get some fresh air (on foot, mind you) is also nice. If […]

I DEFINITELY went to the wrong school

“Pred leti smo imeli primer, ko je prišla učiteljica v razred pijana in samo v kombineži. Bila je pred izbiro, ali naj se gre zdravit, ali pa naj vzame delovno knjižico. Odločila se je za zdravljenje in zadeva je bila urejena.” — “Couple of years ago we had an incident, […]