You do see it…right?

19.04.2005  •  Osebno1

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Our prime minister is a cry-baby. Send him a toy to cuddle. I`m sure he`ll feel much better. And I think this is his theme song. In fact, it should be our new national anthem. He spent way too much time in the opposition. And now all he knows to do is bitch and moan

Hm, it seems that I am changing my blogging pattern. Either that or yesterday was one heck of a day. Heck in the sense that there was actually some work to be done and I have to finish it today. Giving my readers a breather from the always-oh-so-fun world of…well…me. If there`s one thing I


17.04.2005  •  Osebno4

I guess it can happen too. That eventhough nothing really happens in this movie, you are having fun. Sleeping almost till ten really puts a new perspective on the world. And actually going out of the house to get some fresh air (on foot, mind you) is also nice. If not for anything else, to


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Thriler. Nicole Kidman and Sean Penn against the conspiracy.

“Pred leti smo imeli primer, ko je prišla učiteljica v razred pijana in samo v kombineži. Bila je pred izbiro, ali naj se gre zdravit, ali pa naj vzame delovno knjižico. Odločila se je za zdravljenje in zadeva je bila urejena.” — “Couple of years ago we had an incident, when a teacher came to