16.04.2005  •  Osebno0

We have it too. And since everybody is bitching about it, here`s my two cents. Voyeurism is growing strong in this era of ours. More and more people don`t want to participate, but watch. They want the whole world to be one big theater, in which they serve non-stop, round the clock action, drama, comedy,

Dear diary! (naah, not that crazy yet…) You wake up and you realise that you should not do that. Not today. Not on saturday. But since the damage has been done, you try to think of what to do next. You clean. First yourself, then your room. Then the bathroom. Then your study. You take

Things to make and do

15.04.2005  •  Osebno1

No, not gonna draw a picture. Don`t want to overstress my readers. One hideous picture a day is more than enough. I feel a very strong inclination of doing a post similar to those of BeeBee, where she informs her faithful readers about her boils, close-to-bleeding breasts and other anomalies in her life. I guess

Funny how skin tends to stimulate people. They get all worked up about the fact that a teacher in primary school has a life of her own in which she is taking nude photos of herself and her boyfriend. How the photos got into the mighty www, we`ll never know and it does not matter.

Excuse me, which MSN Messenger is more recent? The 4.7 or the 5.0? — Oprostite, kateri MSN Messenger je novejši? 4.7 ali 5.0?

Hej Domen, a se ti kej spoznaš na Turčijo in probleme vključevanja v EU? — Hey Domen, you would not happen to know anything about turkey and their problems of getting accepted into the EU? — p.s. There`s only one man in the whole universe who can utter such nonsense. And he`s got my phone