Month: April 2005


These and these guys are a bunch of incompetent morons. Why do you ask? The first ones are a bunch of idiots because I sent a broken USB key to them almost a month ago and they said that it`ll take two weeks tops to get it either fixed (fat […]


— This post will not begin with the words “Where to being…” Doh! — If you followed my nifty map, you already know everything that has happened in the past 24-or-so hours so instead of just doing the two cents report on the matter that is called a day in […]

facts of german dance

I am happy to report that we have a live and kicking german dancer here with us today in our studio and he is willing to share with our ferocious readers some of the funny and less funny facts about german dance. I would like to thank mister Gunther for […]

Story about the anchor

If my sources are correct, this anchor once belonged to a great ship called Rex. It was built in Italy in the year 1931 and was the only italian ship that has ever won the blue ribbon. During world war 2, the ship got sank just off shore of Piran, […]