Month: May 2005


The thing about backstabbings is not the pain itself. It`s the timing. You know, you are sitting in your chair, you KNOW your back hurts and stabs every once in a while, you just did not figure out the exact cause of it. Is it the cold? The heat? The […]

Grumpy old man

According to her and her, c`est moi. And due to the reputation I now have to uphold, I decided to write an ultimate anti-chain letter. I would do it yesterday, but the power went out. Goddamn Nato summit! So, here it is! —- This letter has circled the globe three […]

The heat is on…

Outside I mean. Sometimes, prayers are being heard in the wrong way. Like princess diana`s last words, which went something like “I said beat them all not eat the wall!” And then, just as you adjust to the situation and the sweat, dripping down your butt-crack, everything changes again and […]

Question of the day

You ever get into a situation, when there`s hotter on the inside than it is on the outside? It`s weird, since we are not running a furnace or a fireplace and all the heat comes from outside. And yet the insides of the house feel hotter than the outsides. Thank […]

Days of standing still

You all know them I guess. Your brain shift into a lower gear and everything is moving very slowly and there`s nothing much to do. And then you start thinking in a lower gear, walking around, feeling restless. You know the days. Well, it`s days like these that you start […]

Get off your bike!!!

There is a NATO conference taking place in Ljubljana these days. Yesterday on my way to the Hevreka! I witnessed a squad of cars, plenty of police on motorbikes and even a helicopter. The whole thing felt like a scene from a Black hawk down. Today on my way back […]

On the train

A: Ko pridem dam, bom pojedu hladilnik. Mislm, pojedu bom vse, kar je v hladilniku. B: Zakaj si najprej reku narobe, pol si se pa popravu? A: Zato, k bi se drgač ti norca z mene delov! B: Bebo! — A: I`m so hungry, I`ll eat the fridge when I […]

What a day!

And I am not one of those people who shout “What a day!” whenever something small happens. Or whenever something does happen. But still, this was one heck of a day. First, the fair. Which, if we look back, was not such a bad thing. Sure there was nothing much […]