Skies are screaming again. Did you see it today? The temperatures are up, the people are out, running, bladding (I don˙t know why they bother really, but I guess we all have our fun) and cycling.

First of all I want to thank Doubleplusgood blog to recommend an excellent music group The Fischerspooner. Great thing for listening while pedaling.

The gallery is down for the moment, the admin is spending his holidays in France and everything will start working again when he`ll get back. Which should be in a couple of days. I hope. On both accounts.

The 1st of May came and went and for once I am happy I did not go anywhere to party but stayed at home. A kid got stabbed and killed while visiting a popular 1st may party place. So much for safety. And the nature of man.

But the rest is good.

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