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I wish I had the power to kill over the phone. Nothing fancy, a simple thought or a culling song like in Lullaby would do. Who would I kill?

Here`s my hit list…

tech trade – I am still speaker-less and it`s been more than two weeks and my ears hurt from these stupid headphones.

drivers – a selected few mind you, but nevetheless…when will some of these people learn that they do not own the road and that just because they are sitting on five tons of metal, rubber and plastic, it still does not justify their driving patterns which are a lot like drunken bear fighting technic. Although a lot less efficient.

fellow bicyclers – again not everybody who owe a bike, but there`s something about the bicyclers who zig-zag on the bicycle-track. What`s the matter? Too drunk to drive straight?

people with small babies – cause a selected group of them thinks just because they own a baby in a friggin pram they can ram the thing anywhere they like.

Who would you like to kill?

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