T-11 days, 7 hours, 40 minutes till Si.Blogs meet 2k5

Connection dropped this morning for about three hours. Scary feeling. Overdramatizing a little but still…there isn`t much you can do if the I-net is out. So you do the local things, backup files, talk to people (hehe) and walk around searching for a tire. And then you get slightly annoyed by the clerks attitude. Tires are cheap. So while I was checking them out, nobody bother to come and ask me what I want or if I need any help. After a while I got tired of being ignored and start looking at some golf clubs. No, not cause I wanted to bash someone`s head in. And right off the bat (or club), three clerks were there, trying to get MY attention. Suckers. Long story short, I walked out empty handed. They did not have the right stuff.

The slo.blog meet 2k5 guest list is compiling nicely. Some old garde, some rookies…the perfect mix. Of course, you do know that anybody who comes to the blog meet has to have some type of a lecture prepared for the fellow bloggers. So far, we`ve come up with these titles…

Baya – Lovely things to make and do
BeeBee – Bloggers Anonymous or who do I have to kill to get some privacy around here
Cookie (c`est moi) – How to post yourself into insanity
Matej – How to successfully promote blogs through washing powder and feminine hygiene product commercials (extreme graphics)
Mayhem – Of blogging virgin (personal experience and confessions)
Nina – Wearing black thongs to help your team lose

Please note that these people are trained professionals in their fields of expertise and they know what they are talking about.

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