…or rediscovering music.

First time I heard of Led Zeppelin was in the eight grade of primary school, at the age of 14. There was this social counselor who got just out of the faculty and we really were friends with her. Not like those old bats at the age of fifty and up who think they can pretend and fake being almost 40 years older. Anyway, at that time we were all in our punk/metal phase, listening to stuff like Green day and Metallica and she taught us a thing or two about music and the development through phases. And the grand dads of metal were the Led Zeppelin. That was the first time I heared “Stairway to heaven“. It was only later when I got my first cd-player that I was able to buy Led Zeppelin Remastered cd. I did not like it. Led Zeppelin were an acquired taste. At least in my case. At that time I thought they were too raw and too nervous.

A while ago, I was browsing the Metamorphosism blog and I read this post. Note the last thing. I don`t know if it was sublime messaging service on that night, or did I only remembered the times when I did listen to Led Zeppelin. Maybe Stairways to heaven started chiming in my head or maybe my emule leech list was rather empty. Whatever the reason, I got “How the west was won”.

The thing about live albums is that they are either very good or very bad. My first experience with live albums was a bad one. I bought a live Metallica cd in a supermarket (learned my lesson…never buy yoghurt and metal in one store) and the sound was appauling appaling. You could not hear anything, there was too much shouting and the whole thing sucked like a Hoover. The sound was flat, there were no bass lines, the voice was barely audible and that cd was one of the rare ones I bought, listened to it once and never touched it again. From then on I was really sceptical about live cds, mainly because I did not want to listen to people roar and not hear the musicians over the general noise. There were some exceptions, like the live version of the “Fear of the dark” by Iron maiden on the “Best of the beast” cd, which sounds a thousand times better that the studio version, but in general live albums meant steer clear! for me.

Not in this case. This is one of the ones that sound better than the studio version. The solos remake everything and even if you heared “the original” version, it does not mean a thing. The lyrics are the same, but the guitar and drum solos are…out of this world.

In other news, it was another one of those bike: ON days. With Fischerspooner on the headphones. Found another album. Nice one. Not going to rant about people walking exactly on the part of the pavement marked for cyclists (I mean, what, they like the red asphalt so much? Do they think they are walking on red carpet or something? I mean really, it`s like one fifth of the pavement and everybody is using it. And another thing, what the fuck is with…ahem. yes? you said you`re not gonna rant. oh. right. sorry. that`s ok. just move it along.

Michael decided to drop in on the Si.blogs meet. Him or his representative. His newly established SUCKMYBALLS association is going to present the aspect of stupid blog comments through the lyrics of Natalija Verboten. Should be interesting. Photos included.

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