T-10 days, 22 hours, 40 minutes till Si.Blogs meet 2k5

I`d like to open tonight`s post with a joke about lawyers. Here it goes. “How do you call a thousand lawyers at the bottom of the ocean?” The answer: “A good start“.

Why, you ask, should I find that funny since clearly lawyers have no means of breathing under water and that means that those thousand lawyers must surely drown in terrible pains while trying to reach an air pocket. You see…the lawyer called. When I was on a bike, pedaling my ass off to meet my future wife to be. “You know that interview?” she inquired and my mind went “Oh, the one you did and wanted me to transcribe, translate and re-compose into something that`ll look like a REAL interview?” while my mouth went “Mhm..what about it?” “Well, you see” her voice came swimming out of the phone “I want it to be done by friday“. It was lucky for me to be standing still at that time, because driving and talking to her at the same time represents a significant hazard to myself and to the innocent bystanders. You must understand that she had time to tell me when to do it and she decides to drop the bomb not even a whole week in advance. So now I am stuck with 12 pages of techno-talk, which I have to translate, recompose and make it fit for Sobotna priloga. Till monday. This puts FUN into a totally new perspective. Almost in terms of Fucking UNbelievable.

Other things turned day into a bright one, among them being with Baya and taking photos, trying to find a decent photo-stitching software. I did find it. Now I only have to find the cd key. And here you can find a photo done by Baya. Give her a pat on the shoulder if you like it or a smack in the face if you don`t.

Click for a bigger image

Which brings us to an all-favourite topic of ladies clubs, strangers and people who have absolutely no imagination whatsoever. The weather. Which was fine if you`re an utter (or a n-utter for that matter) but if you are a human being, the weather is like a vaccum cleaner. It sucks. Incidently, you can write more things that suck in the comment. This cleaner analogy is boring me. Of course, on the other hand, stormy weather does offer ample of opportunities for great photography. Check Baya`s blog and the gallery.

My back is playing tricks on me. I don`t know if it`s the weather, the cold, the draft or any of thousand reasons which make the back hurt, but there are moments when I feel like an eighty-year old man. Usually when I try to tie my shoes but cannot lean forward so I have to perform a stage two yoga class to get the shoes tied. Same goes for untying them. Yes, I am old. And so is she.

But not all is bad. The tech-trade people are officially removed from the “hitlist“, since they called me today to tell me that the speakers are ready and that I should pick them up. No more silence (and annoying headphones that make your ears burn).

And the si.blogs meet is getting near…

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