T-9 days, 4 hours, 21 minutes till Si.Blogs meet 2k5

Nick Cave on her speakers and rain outside the window is the current situation. Not that I mind. The minding part mostly concerns my friggin back who thinks I am an eighty-year old guy who cannot move every time the weather changes. Wish I was a squid. Or something similar. Something without a back that hurts. Blah.

I started translating and composing the interview. Another “Blah”, only a smaller one. The thing that sucks the most it that in journalism you never go through others people materials and try to make something out of it. One journalist per story. Or more but they have to be in it together from the beginning. What they most certainly do not do is talk to the person, ask five questions in an eighty-minutes audio conversation and then dump everything on Cookie. We cookies have rights too, you know! On the bright side, it should be done by saturday, which leaves sunday for final brushing up and then monday when we/I dump the thing and never see it again. Unless it gets published and she decides to print my name too. Then the whole thing is going into the archive.

And check this out. And this. And note the passage where it says that instead of driving on the right side of the lane, the cyclist drove in the middle of the lane. Yes. The cyclist that thought she could. I call the whole thing “then new darwin“. Natural selection through stupidity. And they have no one to blame but themselves. But will others learn? Of course not. Nobody never learns anything. Instead they chuck it down to old age, a moment of distraction…but they never learn. And Darwin makes his cut again. And again. Is stupidity genetic? I sure hope so. Cause then we have a chance of surviving and eventually living in a society that will have 0% asshole level. But in between, mind the fucking roads. It`s true that people don`t know how to drive, but even cyclists are no angels.

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