Ever had one? The nightmare I mean? I had one tonight. I don`t remember the details (and as far as dream go, it was probably stupid at best) but I do remember the awful feeling of not realizing that this is a dream and thinking it was the real thing. And then waking up and realising that it`s over, that it was just a dream and that I should probably stop bothering Baya with it and go back to bed since it`s only three o`clock in the morning and she has to be up at eight. And then realizing “Wait! Go BACK to sleep? You mean go back to that place from where you just came out? U nuts or smthin?” (my mind always speaks in slang when it comes to situations like these).
So you stare into the air, calming yourself down, telling yourself that you should stop behaving like a silly duck and go back to sleep. And eventually…you do.

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