The following post was made after reading this and this. Please, do not take it personally. This is opinion personnelle.

People are strange. It`s not enough that we usually think that for ourselves, but we have to take into the account that others are just as strange or even stranger that ourselves. We are in the same pool, swimming in the same warm pissy (that`s an I, not a U, you pervert!) water. And worrying about making the wrong or the right impression usual leads to this(please note the photo is simbolic).

The first wrong thing with impressions is that you are even considering to impress somebody. Why the fuck would you want to do that in the first place? If somebody needs impressing, get an iron and really impress him. Or her. Impressing someone sounds like a horse fair to me. You know, the place where they check their teeth, mesaure how far can they jump and stuff like that.

My opinion on the matter is that you stay as far away from trying to impress and just be yourself. Cause let`s face it, Jack the Ripper trying to impress someone with being something that he is not, would only work for a very, very, very short lenght of time.

And as far as the messages go, it`s better to be blunt and to the point then trying to sugar-coat it. Because sometimes sugar coating actually does exactly the opposite thing. Message gets distorted and lost and only bits of it get through. Diplomacy only works up to a point where you need to say it out loud what the hell is the thing that you want (or don`t want for that matter).

There is no safe or sure way to do it. In fact the safest way is just blur it all out and then wait for the response. Being tactful and thinkings things through usually backfires even more. Because as soon as you expect something to happen (thanks, Novala), the disappointment at the thing not happening is greater than it would be in case where you would not expect something to happen. Goes for relationships, exams…every possible situation.

Of course, you can always decide to not do absolutely nothing about a certain situation and just ride with it. Thinking that standing still is also moving. Which of course is not true. Things do not happen all by themselves. Not now, not tomorrow, not never. And bullshitting yourself with thoughts that things will work our for YOU, without you lifting a finger, is the stupidest thing you can ever do. This is not physics. Or biology. Nature has absolutely nothing to do with this. This is sociology. And international relationships. Where you are the one who calls the shots.

The worst you can do is idolize your “target”. Thinking she/he is something more, based solely on the hormone rush, is dangerous. Because idols always fall. Always. And eventually you see a rich, suicidal kid who does not know the difference between black and white. And believe me, it`s a step down from the queen of your heart.

And never forget…face over voice, voice over text, text over photo, photo over silence. And the clearer your message is, the simpler the equation. Throwing the ball in her/his court is the best thing you can do. And it usually works. Either way.

Now I think I`ll stop being Teta Justi and get some tea.

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