T-8 days, 8 hours, 10 minutes till Si.Blogs meet 2k5

Instead of doing something useful like composing that interview or ripping the dvds, I am fiddling with the wordpress template. And since I was never much of a fiddler (I did however took guitar lessons) I fiddled it up. And fiddled it up good (replace fiddle with another nice F-word).

We`re back now, and after seeing a few NEW disasters I think I`ll go with the classic that works. If you just came in, I tried to change the template of the blog. Several times. Failed every time. Then I tried to add a poll. Failed. Then I tried to restore the original state. Failed…and then succeded. Now I`ll just wait for auch to pass me the working poll file. I really don`t understand why is there so many plugins/templates available that simply don`t work. Ahya, I guess they are trying to inspire the creative side of the users. “Don`t just simply copy-paste, instead, we offer copy-paste-curse-write-almost-everything-again option. It`s fun, fun, fun for the whole family (or whoever`s on the other side of the phone)!

I also cleaned out the blogroll. It`s their fault entirely. [snotty french accent] They weren`t meeting out quotas [/snotty french accent].

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