This is a sensitive subject, I know. People may get offended and hurt. But please, I do not intend do cause any harm.
End of disclaimer

It was all Beebee`s fault! We were talking about how many new blogs sprouted recently and I started clicking through the Blogger directory of Slovenian bloggers. And there I found the profile 6115357. Nothing unusal, you`d say, a couple of people trying to find reason and happ…o-oh. Industry: Religion. Hm. Religion is now an industry? Nice. I mean, they DO have the best PR department in the world. For the last 2000 years or so.

We want to help the youth and spread the word of…“.

Ahem. Why does not anybody help the old? Seriously, old people need saving too. Why do these freaks always pick on the lil ones? Easier to brainwash? No, brainwashing is a bad word. We shall use the word “Help”. Yes. They want to “help” you. They don`t want to do anything as in helping you wash the dishes, or give you money for your family who is poor, they just want to talk their asses off and help you with that. Yes. Very nice. Imagine a doctor talking instead of operating. A policeman talking instead of catching criminals. What a wonderful world, ey?

These people are so into spiritual that they forget that a man is a biological being. We are not friggin ghosts!

Don`t get me wrong, I don`t have a beef with religion. I have a beef with selling it. Pushing it into the mainstream. If it`s so fucking great and awesome, why does it have to be peddled like some cheap crack? People usually strive to have good and awesome things, right? And judging by these two, finding JC was the best thing in their lives. I wonder if they ever tried chocolate. Off each other`s bellies? I guess we`ll never know.

And they I found this site about Son of Sam. The serial killer turned catholic. What bothers me is that have they got no standards? I mean, for fucks sake, if Sam gets a pass, we are all safe and sound even if we don`t join. Cause seriously, topping Sam at sins is something I cannot imagine. Well, maybe if I REALLY try…

And another thing about religion (which has nothing to do with faith!)…why is it that THEY can say and do anything and everything, ringing my doorbell at seven o`clock in the morning asking me if I found Jesus and the moment the other side responds, it`s blasphemy and a crime and sin and every other bad thing on the planet? I never did get that.

And if this text did not piss you off…

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