Given the occasion, where through-out the slovene blogosphere people are answering that same question, I thought that for a change I`ll follow trend instad of just saying “Bah…sheeps in a heard!“. It is one of the topics of reason and you know how much I love that. The reason, not the topic. Seeing that Tamara, Mayhem, Grega (and other bloggers, currently not on my blogroll) are also tackling the subject, here`s my two cents.

I won`t begin with giving you a straight reason in a form of a sentence. Firstly, I am going to examine the question that poses in front of us. Why do people want to know that in the first place? I guess it has something to do with our mentality. The slovene mentality. I don`t think people outside our beautiful country under the Alps are asking fellow bloggers the same questions. This is, I think, strictly Slovene thing. Asking people why are they doing something new and at the same time something so contradictive as writing a PUBLIC DIARY .

Setting the common stupidity (not commons sense) aside, there really isn`t any answer to the question why does a person start writing a blog. Blog falls into the category of arts. Applying the reason to a field of arts is like trying to figure out why did Prešeren write the Wreath of Sonnets. Some say cause he was in love, some say cause he was drunk, some say “Who`s Prešeren?“, but there is no ultimate answer. Again, the question “Why do you blog?” tells you more about the person asking the question than of the person who is going (or not going to) answer it.

So why do I blog? You`re joking, right?

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