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Meeting friends of your girlfriend/boyfriend is the next logical step in incorporating someone new into your circle of people. It`s usually done at a party, a group going-out, where the newbie does not feel so threatened by a one-on-one conversation. The crowd guarantees that the newbie does not spend too much time with one single person which may lead to boring the newbie`s (or the other person`s) tits off. It`s also nice because you don`t HAVE to say anything, you can just mingle and smile and blend in casually.

However, there is another way.

The plan for yesterday was pool night-out. Preceeded by a shooting session (camera, not guns!). We went to the castle and managed to get some lovely (ahem) photos. Trying to overcome her fear or shooting people (camera, not guns!). The weather was sunny if only a bit cold. There was however three (or maybe even more?) weddings in progress as the Ljubljana castle is one of the most frequented (and most unimaginable) place to get hitched. And you can imagine the honking that went on up there when the parties decided it was time to…erm…party. If and when I get married, there shall be a rule of silence and whoever will dare to use a honk will be grounded and banned from the party. However, the whole thing might then look like a funeral so I`ll let you get back on the matter (Incidentally, did you know that the only difference between a wedding and a funeral march is the tempo? The wedding is faster. The melody however, is exactly the same. Tells you something about funerals and weddings, doesn`t it?).

After the castle photo-session we descended on the other side and despite the weather went to get some icecream. We heard an example of slonglish, the new slovene slang, where you substitute slovene words with english ones but keep the slovene structure of the sentence. An example of slonglish can be found in one of my previous posts. Horrible stuff, really.

We went to the pool house, but the place was closed down (anyone has an idea why?) and as we were walking back to the center. First we saw one of the ugliest fashion statements ever conceived. I mean seriously…the fashion police would not even bother to pull them over and fine them. They`d go for shoot-to-kill policy.

Further down the road, Baya spotted something. “Check out that ugly dog!” she smiled and nodded her head. I turned around, spotted the dog and the owner and went “Ana! My girlfriend thinks your dog is ugly!

It was one of the best introductions I ever witnessed.

Baya stood there, motionless, trying to perceive the fact that now she has to talk to the person who`s dog she just seconds ago called ugly. It all went well, don`t worry and there was no “who`s dog ya calling ugly?!” gang shoot-out scene. One down, few more to go.

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