Ah well, the weather has gone completely bonkers. Rainy and cold. Blah. November, here we come. The good news however is that this kind of weather is perfect for vanilla tea. And brown sugar.

Update on yesterday, we went to a theater. Teater Narobov is an improvisational theater group. Talented guys. And girls. The photos are at Baya`s blog, but you can see the NYE show they did in my gallery.

Update on today…we are witnessing a deja vu. Which makes me annoyed. I am thru with feeling sad and bad about it. This is pure annoyance. They don`t know what they want. And they don`t know how to say it so that it`ll look like they know what the hell is bothering them so much. And why are they being such assholes about it. Will keep you posted (eventhough I know you are not interested). I do however love Baya`s attitude towards the whole thing. We`ll live. I just hope they get around. Once and for all. It`s hard to battle someone else`s ghosts.

Other than that, the si.blogs meet is less than a week away. Maybe I should call up the place and make a reservation?

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