T-5 days, 22 hours, 35 minutes till Si.Blogs meet 2k5

Usually I stop a page before the end. Always. Like a clock. Ever since I was little. This translation is going to have to wait till morning. At least the last page. Always the last page. Although usually (and in the movies) the hero finishes five minutes to midnight and then rushes down, mails the thing and crashes into his cozy bed at the sound of the bells, chiming twelve times. Not me. I stop a page before the end. And then finish it in the morning. Screw deadlines. Screw drama sequence. Screw the phrase “…by the end of today“.

The skies cleared out, another one of those may-day-wanna-be-april-day-but-lacks-the-guts-to-finish-the-job type of days. I am having a lecture on thursday, last in this season. Web-styling. That porno guy (from the paragraph 2) did not call back. His loss. Maybe I should make an adapted version of the lecture. “How to make a spanking website“. Should get people attention (especially since spanking aunt attracts millions to my blog…or something like that).

The word on the interview is that it consists of 30 thousand to 35 thousand characters. So far, I have about 7 thousand. The original has 11. Fun. Maybe she plans on sticking in a HUGE photo of the guy.

I`ve also remodelled the gallery. His and hers. You tell us which one is beter.

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