T-4 days, 5 hours, 24 minutes till Si.Blogs meet 2k5

Why is it so cold outside? I know that these weather rants are usually reserved for old ladies and such, but seriously…It says MAY on the calendar. Not friggin december!

I mean seriously, this is the second day that I`ve been drinking vanilla tea (and eating a muffin, courtesy of BeeBee). Not that I mind, it`s just weird. The timestamp is not in accordance with the stuff that goes on outside.

Thanks to auch, I now have my own poll. It does not work (if you click on it right now, you`ll feed the crocs in the zoo, but nothing will change on my blog) so we are trying to change that (sorry crocs!) but it`s still a nice feature.

I am also thinking of swinging by the blog.meet place and make a reservation. Better be safe than sorry. And I am thinking that maybe I should stop thinking and just do it. Hmm…definitely worth thinking about that.

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