are better spent in the arms of your loved one or in bed. Reading a book or listnening to music. Preferably something non-annoying like jazz or easy electro. This weather sucks all my energy out. Luckily, Baya helps me to recharge, but still, this up and down and up and down rollercoaster is not my thing.

I know this is starting to read like a freudian blog, but I did have a talk with my mother. Again. We did it calmly and peacefully, no screaming, no loud voices and if there was a powerplay involved, it was so subtle that I did not notice it. And I am very twitchy when it comes to that. But the talk went well and let`s all hope this is the end of it.

Blame the weather and the boring schedule” is the motto of the day. And although I should feel good about sorting out things with my parents, I am too tired to be happy. Not being a drama queen or anything, it`s just that this day is a slow one.

The poll is half way to completion. If you go here…you will not be able to vote. But if you go here, you will (note the URL difference). Things will be sorted out by tomorrow I am sure.

Maybe this is “the day after…“. You know, the day after you finish a project (in my case, that fiasco interview) and you feel empty and flat.

I think it`s time for a bath.

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