A man


Today I took a bus to work.

I see him almost every time I ride the bus. A man, always dressed in the same green parka, receding hair, wide face with big eyes, always carrying the same black bag. And a paperback.

No matter which season, whether it`s sunny or snowing, he`s always riding the bus, reading a book. English paperbacks, fiction mostly, worn-out yet pretty well maintained.

He never rides the bus in company, always alone, just him and the paperbacks.

I don`t know where he`s from or where is he going. I usually get off before him. Seeing his face, his eyes moving across the pages of the book, as I walk off. A man and his books.


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  1. AlesS

    I also read on the bus. English science fiction paperbacks. What else is there to do on a bus? Enjoy the landscape?
    When I’m finished with the Asimov’s Foundation series perhaps I’ll reread a hefty book on string theory. That one in Slovene. I read it once already, the previous summer, entirely on the bus. Not much of it remained in my head. 😉


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