Only in Slovenia, folks. This stuff is gold, really. This shit is better than “West wing“, “Black adder” and “Full house” blended together. And what`s even more incredible…it`s fucking real!

Allow me to give you a bone. And another one.

It`s all about the information” is a quote from an old movie and the stuff is only getting more and more important. Auch in Slovenia. Where the government is battling for the control over the main-stream media.

The problem is not in the control of the media (since it is happening since the beginning of time) but in the way that process of obtaining control is led. The current government is about as smooth as a baracuda. With a boombox. After she had five cans of beer. With her friend trigger-happy shark.

Why exactly is that?

Well, for starters, they don`t have any influence or “people” in the media business. They are trying to be the mafia, but without the support of the “lower” classes. The henchmen. They think that by moaning about how poor they are, they are suddenly going to get rich.

The battle for the media is one of the most importat ones. There is a joke about meeting in heaven by Hitler, Stalin and Napoleon. And Hitler says “Ah, if I had guns like the Americans had in Vietnam, I would have won“. Then Stalin goes “Ah, if I had planes like the Americans had in Korea war, I would have won“. And Napoleon goes “Ah, if I had the media like you two had, people still would not know that I lost“.

You see…media is power. Even more so in a country small as Slovenia. Not in a geographical sense, but in the sense of the mind. Once you control the national television, you can do anything and everything you want…and still look good on TV. And they are after it like hawk after chickens. They want it more than anything else, since once they get it, nothing else will matter. The media will pull a warm cover over every single thing they do or mess up and all will be well.

The fact that the politicians are moaning about how the media writes “bad things” about them and their work shows us the attitude these people have towards their work. “Why do they hate us?” is a phrase used by mr. H some fifty years ago and they are saying it again. And they think that by lying to people through the main-stream teeth will suddenly change things. So that they can be pigs and look like angels.

The state should control the national television” was one of the quotes “since the national television is state`s responsibility!”

This sounds to me like a really dangerous assumption, especially since the national television is one (1) of the three (3) stations in Slovenia that have any impact whatsoever on the audience. And by changing it from a semi-neutral (there is no unbiased media!) to a politic-horn sounds more like a Russia thing. Twenty years ago. Maybe we should all start learning russian…

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