So the lecture did not take place. Big deal since everybody knew that. Everybody except me of course. I showed up an hour early, waited only to be told that the lecture is off since nobody applied for it. Nobody thru the official list anyway, but BeeBee and Baya were there, which was even better than the real thing.

So we walked around, the blogging mistresses meeting for the first time. It went well, our subpersonalities kicked in and the twelve of us had a nice time. I still think BeeBee should punch that guy in the face, but there you have it (one of those “you had to be there” moments).

I also made my first step towards writing my thesis (still a long way to go, but can never start too early right (I can see at least two pair of eyes rolling up right now)). I think the title says it all.

Another blogger jumped the train. This time, it`s Bo. I guess his lecture will be titled “How to disappear and come back to life“.

And a little note2self – remember to check the photofriday site tomorrow. Cause guess what? It`s friday!

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