you are attending a SloBlogMeet.

First of all, Bo will never again be the verifier of whether or not people are already there. To him goes the award “Spotter of the year 2k5“. Seriously, he may be the person with the most blogs on si.blogs list, but for spotting people…we`ll do it for him next time. We spent half an hour waiting in front of the Skalca before Matej, whose bullet-proof logic earned him the title “Doer of the year 2k5” said “Fuck it! I`m thirsty! Let`s go inside!” And at that exact moment (seriously guys, this was weirder than Teletubbies, MacGyver and Cooking with Jamie Oliver blended together in a show, where Jamie tries to cook Teletubbies and MacGyver supplies him with stuff needed for the job) out came a little girl, said her name was Mayhem and that she (ah..this will never work…) Mayhem, dressed in his diving suit and said “Where have you been? I`ve been sitting there, waiting for all of you.”

So after the initial introductions, and the realisation that nobody was there to punch my face in (believe me, it could happen…bunch of bloggers beating the shit out of me), and the realisation that some people are going to be a no-show, we started with our lectures. Matej was very convincing with his plan to dominate the world market by promoting blogs through washing powder and feminine hygiene product commercials. And boy was he serious when he said extreme graphics.

After hearing the lectures from Bo, Mayhem and Cookie, we realised that blogging of guys is mostly affected by girls. Bo explained how his deletion (or more correct, transportation, transmutation and transfiguration) of blogs had something to do with the russian mafia, the fact that dogs don`t lay eggs and a curious incident at the chemical factory and that now he is back, bigger than before. The surprise of the evening was definitely Mayhem since he was the only person I know so far who could squeeze muffins, ZX-1 and shotokan into one conversation and still come out sane in the end. That plus the fact that he was not a small girl earned him the title “Discovery of the year 2k5“.

Of course, Cookie did his lecture his way. Which spells silly. The trick was to combine the sleekness of Sašo Peče, the grace of Miša Molk and the profoundness of professor Brezovšek into one person, one voice, one performance. Look into the “Photoblog” section for proof on how well did he manage to do that. I think he deserves the title “3in1 person of the year 2k5“.

To Baya goes the award “Smartass of the year 2k5” since she managed to explain the theory of e-democracy, answer some tough questions and leave Matej dazed and confused.

Of course, BeeBee turned out to be the “Killer of the year 2k5” as she plans to kill us all, scalp us and then sell the scalps to Cher. And then spend the rest of her life in Switzerland.

There were some no-shows, which brings up an interesting question why do people even bother of applying for an event in the first place? Nobody forced them, nobody told them to come, they did it of their own (hopefully) free will and then… A black mark for Moj Kotiček! and Samuelion`s wilderness.

That is all.

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