Ah yes, it seems that the photoblog effect is erm…in effect here. Well, you know what they say…images speak louder than words. Which is disturbing in a way. When a person screams, should it post photos instead? And if movies are all images, why did they call them silent movies in the beginning? Weren`t images loud enough? These are the things that go through my mind occasionaly (usually in the mornings). The sun is screaming at us again, the weather is going bonkers. The weapon of choice for the past few days are the new pornographers (is anybody wondering what the old ones must sound then?).

The pissing sofie did not let us down this year which means (without any serious surprise) that the summer is going to be hellishly hot. Just in case nobody notices that.

I know that I am lagging behind the wagon but this morning I installed Thunderbird mail client. And then spent almost an hour configuring it. Don`t ask. The point is that it works great. And you can even stream several accounts into one mailbox. Which should come in handy as you don`t have to log in three times onto different mail servers to check your mail. Incidently, how many mailboxes do you have (post in comments)?

The story of the interview is still not done completely. It`s like a mild curse. Somewhere between a small swarm of locus and a small devil-like figure that keeps poking you in the ass. And at the same time, I never saw anybody spent so much time at doing an interview. I mean “Hello?” Almost four months? Jesus, it`s like doing an interview with a vampire or something. It`s either she is very slow or I am very impatient. Or she is very slow. And the whole thing blows.

On the bright side…at least it does not rain.

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